Birds of a feather, chapter 2

“Was there anything you girls had talked about thatmight happen?”When she replied she spoke in such a low whisper I could hardly her.“I’d love to see you suck a cum covered cock just as it was pull out of one of our pussy’s.”

“Kathy!! What in the hell were you thinking , ME PUTTING SOMEONE’S NASTY CUM SOAKED COCK IN MY MOUTH?” I could see the tars filling her eyes and knew it was time to stop teasing her Before I could say anything else Kathy said, “Frank, I so sorry, I know things have changed now that I may be pregnant and talked about our feelings, that’s why I need to call her.

I looked down and I could see the dampness shining on her trimmed pubic hair.I stepped over the her, put one arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to me.As she laid her head on my shoulder I took my other hand and slipped my index finger in her pussy.She was soaking wet.I added my middle finger and fucked her a few stroked.

I removed my fingers, held them up where we could both see her pussy juice clinging to them.I placed my index finger in my mouth and sucked it clean.Them I put my middle finger to her lips, she sucked it into her mouth.I could feel her tongue licking around my finger as I pulled it out.

“Honey, you’re dripping wet just thinking about all this.We both have though about it and I think we’ll continue to until we give it a try.We have already either done or talked about doing more in less than a day and a half than either of us had done during our entire married life.Why don’t you call Cindy and tell her wecan’t make any promises anything will happen beyond an open, honest conversation about the six of us getting together for sex.Then we’ll get our showers, dress and get our shopping and all done.”

Kathy called Cindy and set things up for about 7 PM.She also told her about the goof up about not being on the pill and what we had decided.Cindy was excited and told Kathy she would explain how we could play with them and still protect her form getting pregnant by anyone else.

We finished at home and headed down town.Kathy told me to stop by her house and let her pick up more clothes and check the mail.She was in and out with more clothes and her mail in hand if less than five minutes.She looked through her mail as I headed to town.

Most of it was junk mail but one letter was from her husband, Jerry.She open it and started reading.I could tell by her look it was not good.I ask, “Is everything alright?“Give me a minute Honey.”In a couple of minutes she started reading the letter to me. 

Basically, Jerry told her he knew things was not going to work out between them, she wanted much more than he had to offer.He wanted to start a new life that didn’t include her.He had found an attorneythat would back date a separation agreement and they could get an uncontested divorce right away.

This ASS told her the attorney wanted $800.00 to do all this.Jerry told her if she would pay half he would pay the other half and all he want was half the cost of the house and car.Kathy told me Jerry had never paid a penny on the house or the car.She had even paid for the car he was driving nowShe said she really wanted out but even if she had the money she wouldn‘t pay him for something that wasn‘t his.

I ask Kathy if she knew where Jerry was and how to contact him by phone.I was surprised when she told where her was.It was the same town my wife, Peggy, was at.I told her to give me a few days and let me see what I could do.

We stopped at a drug store first, picked up the things I wanted there then headed across town to an adult book and toy store.Though there were several such places in town I selected this one because it was in a good part of town and in a shopping center, not on some sleazy back street.

I had a tough time talking Kathy into going in the store with me.Finally she agreed and I was sure we both looked lost as we walked in as it was a first for both of us. To our surprise there was only one other couple in the store at the time and the salesperson was a neat looking young lady about her late twenties.

Kathy ask me what I was looking, I laughed and told her I wasn’t sure.The saleslady was putting up stock on hanging racks near where we were standing.The other couple walked over the her and the woman told her they were looking for the new hummingbird but had not found it.The saleslady told her it had just come in and was still in the stockroom.

As the young lady walked toward the stockroom the couple turned to us and the woman ask Kathy if she had tried the hummingbird yet.Katy blushed a bright red and shook her head.The woman laugh and apologized, asking if we were newbie’s.I told her it was our first trip to an adult store.

We interdicted ourselves, first names only, Dan, Katie, Frank, Kathy.Katie ask what we were in too.I told her we’re mostly exploring.Dan ask vibrator, dildos, anal, cock rings, lubrication, what did you have in mind?Kathy and I both laughed and I said, “All the above I guess, we really don’t know for sure.

The saleslady return with a odd looking thing in a sealed pack.“YES, That’s it, I’ll take it.Dan ask if we thought they would be busybodies if they offered to help.Kathy laughed, “Maybe a little embarrassed but I thing we wouldappreciate it.” I nodded my agreement.

Katie ask if we would be uneasy with plain talk, such as calling a cock a cock?We both told her we would rather do that than beat around the bush.Katie showed us the toy she was holding.She pointed out each section as she described it.“It’s water proof, the little beak flips back and forth across the clit, the wings massage each side of the clit, the shift is long enough to go deep enough in the pussy that the little egg shaped ball at the end will reach the G-spot.It works better with a lube.”

We were there over an hour with Dan and Katie.We covered about every item in the store and what it was used for.We ended up with what they called a starter kit.We thanked them for their help and told them maybe we would meet again some time.They told us they were from out of town and were here visiting somefriends.

As soon as we arrived home Kathy was opening everything, inspecting each item as she went.We had two enamel bags and a new douche bag, the hummingbird, two sets of small, medium and large butt plugs, three different types of lube and an additive for the douche and enamel plus a pack of sanitary wipes for the toys.

Kathy picked up the enamel bags and ask, “Are you ready to get your asshole cleaned out?”I laughed as I gathered up everything and headed to the master bath.We filled the bags and proceeded to give each other an enamel.It was a strange experience for both of us but what we were doing and why was a real turn on for both of us.After the second enamel Kathy used her new douche bag while I adjusted the shower.

We both enjoyed the warm water as we soaped each other up and fondled each others bodies.We paid special attention to the private parts.Kathy pushed me to the wall of the shower and told me to spread the cheeks of my ass.I done as I was told as she dropped to her knees.She plqaced a finger against my asshole.She didn’t really attempt to push it in.She removed the finger and I felt the tip of her tongue tough the bottom of my little rosebud and lick up.

I pushed back as Kathy zeroed in with her tongue on my asshole.She pushed the tip just inside.She pulled back as I heard, “GGGGRRRRR, I’m gonna shove that big plug up you ass and fuck you good!”Her vulgar promise was really turning me on.“What else would you like to do you nasty little slut?”

“I want you to shove your big cock down my throat.Make me swallow it, even if I gag and puke keep fucking until you shoot your hot load down my throat.”By this time she had me so hot I was willing to do anything this woman ask.

I told her to let go long enough for me to step out of the shower a second.I found the lube that Dan and Katie had told us was very slick and also taste good.I stepped back in the shower, let the water flow over my back as I poured some of the lube into Kathy’s hand.

My cock was leaking pre-cum and Kathy mixed the lube with it as she coated my cock head and shaft.She looked up at me and I could see a mixture of excitement and fear on her face.“Fuck my mouth Baby, make me take it in my throat, PLEASE!”

I put my hand on the back of her head taking a hand full of hair.Kathy opened her mouth wide, not even attempting to suck it at all.I was turned on the most I had ever been in my life.I wanted so much to do anything that would please her.‘I’m gonna jam my cock down your throat and fuck you until I cum you fucking cum sucking bitch”

A low moan escaped Kathy’s mouth as I pulled her head forward and shoved my cock down her throat.She gagged several times but I held her head tight for about a second then pulled back.She took several deep breaths before I shoved my cock to the hilt again.She started doing something with her throat that felt so good I was about to cum..

This time I pulled all the way out and ask her what she was doing that felt so good.She looked at with a puzzled look.“With your cock in my throat I can’t breath good so I was swallowing, trying to get some air” she said smiling at me.“You really love it don’t you Baby?”She smiled and nodded as she open her mouth again. 

I shoved my hard, slick cock in to the back of her throat, made a few short strokes in and out then pulled almost all the way out so she could catch her breath.I repeated this several time getting closer to cumming each time.I could hear the sound her fingers made as she slammed into her wet pussy. 

Kathy pushed one hand up between my ass cheek.It was slick from the lube I had poured in her hand earlier.She rubbed some of the lube over my asshole,The next time I pushed my cock into her throat she surprised me bypushing her finger past my sphincter all the way until her knuckles was bumping against my cheeks.There was some pain and discomfort but it was also enough of a thrill to cause me to shoot three quick shots of hot cum down Kathy’s throat.

Kathy moved back on my cock and sucked the remaining cum into her mouth as she reached her own orgasm.She finger fucked myass a few times then pulled out.She stood up, looking at me with her lips closed in a tight smile.I knew want was coming next so I placed my lips on hers and open my mouth.She pushed a glob of my cum into my mouth, I sucked in and swallowed.

She broke the kiss and brought her pussy soaked fingers up and pushed one into my mouth.I sucked it clean of her juice then she put the other finger in her mouth.When she pulled it out she surprised me again.She held up the finger she had just pulled out of my ass then put it in her mouth and sucked onit.

After the shock wore off I ask Kathy, “You really are a dirty, kinky little slut aren’t you Baby?”“What would you sayif I told you this was the real me and the way I have always wanted to be?”I didn’t reply imminently,Instead I wash both of us off again then we stepped out of the shower.

I was drying Kathy when I told her. “Kathy, please listen to me and believe what I say.I think we have been in love and sexually attracted for years.We were married to someone else and wouldn’t allow anything to happen between us.Things are different now.I love you but sexually I’m just as freaky and , kinky as you.I love for you to surprise, shock and challenge me.I love everything we have done and look forward to more.”

Kathy was very quite as she dried me off.She walked over, picked up one of the small butt plug and a bottle of lube.She walked back to me with a wicked grin and told me, Take this plug, grease it up and jam it up my ass.”As I poured the lube in my hand Kathy turn her back to me, bent over and pulled her cheeks apart. I couldn’t resist, I coated her ass good with the lube then pushed my finger in past her sphincter and as far as I could go in her ass.

She pushed back and let out a low moan.I slid my finger in and out a few times then pulled it out and pushed my tongue as deep as I could.Kathy pulled her cheeks further apart allowing my tongue to go a little deeper.I pulled my tongue out then pushed the butt plug in as far as it would go.Her sphincter tighten around the small section of the plug, holding it in place.“How does it feel Baby” I ask?She giggled, “Like I’ve got something jammed up my ass but it makes me hot just knowing it’s there.

Kathy reached for the other small butt plug and the lube.She turned and looked at me with a wicked smile on her face.“Okay Lover, spread them cheeks so I can shove your new friend up your ass.”I bent forward, grabbed my cheeks willingly giving her access to my ass to do with as she pleased. I could feel the cool lube as she rubbed it over my ass.

Then she pressed the tip of the plug against my asshole and wiggled it around a little.Then I could feel mysphincter stretch as she pushed the plug into my ass.She twisted and moving the plug around in small circles as she continued to push it in. until my muscle closed tight around the small section of the plug.She smacked me on the ass and said, “Okay Darling, we are both plugged up now.”We both laughed as we walked hand and hand back to the den..

It was about 5 PM and I suggested she call Cindy to be sure things was still on for tonight.Kathy called and the two of them talked for a while.Then Kathy told me Cindy wanted her to put it in speaker, she wanted to talk with both of us at the same time.Cindy said, “Hi Frank, the Fridge tells me she may be knocked up, just wanted to let you know we are all pulling for you guys.We also wanted to let you know we have a little change in plans if you two agree.We have a couple of friends from out of town spending the weekend with us.We would like to bring them along tonight if you guys don’t mind.”I ask, “Do they know the deal, maybe just a meet and talk and nothing more?” “You bet my friend and they are very anxious to meet you both.”I looked at Kathy and she nodded, yes.

I told Cindy if things went well we may try playing something like strip poker as a next step.She told me she had a couple of ideas she thought we would like if it got that far.

See you guys in about two hours.
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